What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM?)

SEM is one of the approaches to growing your business in your marketing by increasing the number of people or customers, coming to your website from search engines.  Online advertising is very effective. Search engine marketing is one of the best methods to promote your products or services online. Search engine marketing can be a paid advertisement technique which helps your website appear after a potential client conducts a search. There is another way to get more presence online which is Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. By targeting specific search terms or keywords Google users can click on your website which can help gain them as a customer. Even SEO can be free if done by your, it is something you will probably outsource to an SEO San Diego Ca company for example. If learning SEO is one of you main goals, you should realize it is not easy and does take time to learn.


Keywords form the basis of search engine marketing. Before choosing the keywords or services you offer it is vital to conduct research and make sure those keywords will be profitable. Look for keywords that are relevant to your business and pay attention to what some of your competitors are targeting. There are many tools like Google Keyword Planner that will help you decided the best keywords to target in your industry. This will help the customers in identifying your products and services and is easy to check for related keyword suggestion and compare them with the ones you want to target.

Website Structure

Having your website well optimized for search engines is important in order to rank higher for keywords. A well optimized website will have plenty of content about your services and products, the correct title tags, meta descriptions, optimized pictures, good URL’s and proper interlinking. One thing many webmasters don’t do correctly is optimized content. There is software and tools online that can help you with finding the right keyword density or finding LSI keywords to add in your content. Many times there is keyword stuffing that can make your website losing rankings. Content needs to be not only optimized for search engines, but also give valuable information to readers. Having the right call to actions and contact information is also important to help with conversions.


You PPC campaigns need to have several things in order to be successful. First, having the right ads in important. One way do it right is to look at your competitors or similar businesses in your industry in other cities. More than likely, the bigger companies doing PPC have already test what is working. The second thing most businesses do wrong are the landing pages. Landing pages need to be well optimized for the keywords you are target. If you are doing PPC for SD SEO services, the landing page needs to be about SEO in San Diego and not web design or reputation management. Many people doing PPC simply direct to their home page which can help people not book and start looking around your website at other services. Both of these tips will help increase your quality scores which will help get a lower cost per click, more people taking action, and increase the click through rate (CTR),  which will significantly increase your PPC’s campaign.


Regardless of which search engine marketing strategy you choose, making sure all your campaigns are well optimizes can help you save thousands of dollars and bring in more clients. With search engine marketing, there is a need to optimized ever property you have online. Simply optimizing one aspect of your online presence can hurt your company and pockets. Today search engine marketing goes beyond SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.